About Steve:
A Master Craftsman and
Home Remodel Expert

Meet the Man Behind Maui Renovations

I am a licensed, bonded,
and insured contractor.
License #: C-32218

My name is Steve Douglas and I work as a finish carpenter/contractor here on Maui. I began Maui Renovations 11 years ago but have been working as a craftsman for over forty years.

Over that time I have gained a reputation for taking on unusual projects and enjoy the challenge of finding creative approaches to remodels that bring more ease and beauty to people’s homes.

Curiosity that Led to a 3,000 Mile Journey

It was my curiosity about how things are built, my appreciation for wood, and my fascination with the ocean that led me to woodworking. When I was eighteen I got the bug to go sailing but, I couldn’t afford to buy a sailboat, so I built one out of wood.

One thing led to the next and soon I was crewing on big boats and, as is the nature of boats, they are always in need of maintenance, modifications etc. and I was always looking for the next challenge. I soon found myself working on boats in the various marinas and boatyards of Southern California. I was fortunate to be able to combine my passion for sailing and love of wood as a way to make a living.

This led me to being involved with the construction of the yacht pictured here, Whistlewind, a Farr 55. She is built entirely out of wood. I was involved with her building from receiving the plans all the way through to completion, a two year project. I was also lucky enough to sail several thousand miles on this fine yacht, including a respectable finish in the 1985 race from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Building and repairing boats was a challenging, fun, and rewarding way to start out in the world of woodworking. It is also very demanding, so when I started working on custom homes in the early eighties, in some ways it was kind of like a vacation. There is a certain level of accuracy and quality that is unique to boats, this same level of quality and accuracy comes naturally to me, it’s all in the details.

Connection with the Maui Community

I moved to Maui in 2001. I was able to quickly find work on some of the beautiful beach front homes being built here at that time and put my finish carpentry skills to the test. Working on high-end projects as a subcontractor has given me the opportunity to get to know people in the other trades, an inside connection. Since I was a part of the building crew, it was easy for me to notice who the skilled trades people were first hand. So when I started my own renovation business in 2005 I already had a solid group of subcontractors, suppliers, and designers to work with.

Being curious about the whole project and always interested in gaining new skills, working alongside many of the other trades was a great learning opportunity. This knowledge and experience allows me to step in when needed to keep my own projects moving forward.

Diverse Experience that Enhances Your Results

I have a thorough understanding and experience with all that goes into a wide variety of projects. From restoring historical Victorian homes, to the ultra contemporary, to rustic log homes, to the kind of homes that float and will take you on an adventure around the world!

If you are looking for a contractor to give your project the attention it deserves and to complete it in a timely, professional way, please contact me for a free consultation.