What to Expect:
The Maui Renovations
Building Process

Every home renovation is a unique process and each project has it’s own character and flow. But if you’d like to get a general sense of how I work with clients to customize and beautify their living spaces while completing their home improvement projects on time and within budget, there are a few steps listed below that should help to clarify the process.

  • Step 1: Research

    What type of project are you looking to start? Are you just wanting to renovate the upstairs bathroom or do you also want to redesign your entryway? At this stage, once you’ve had the initial idea for the renovation, it’s time to get specific about how you want to use or change the space.

    The internet is a great resource to explore different design ideas, features, and materials which will help you create a list of priorities for the renovation, the must-haves vs. the would-be-nices.

    Then, after you work out a general sense of your budget range, it’s time to reach out and talk to some contractors!

  • Step 2: Connect

    If you reach out to me about a project then we would start by getting a sense of:

    • What are your goals for the remodel?
    • What budget range are you aiming for?
    • What aesthetic are you trying to create?
    • What changes are possible within the actual space you are working with?

    Remember, the initial consultation with me is complementary, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Often it takes several meetings before all of these details are worked out, and if after the first meeting it feels like we are a fit, then we would continue meeting as we proceed to the designing/planning phase of the project.

  • Step 3: Design and Plan

    It can feel overwhelming to navigate the seemingly endless choices in terms of materials and styles when you are renovating. When you work with Maui Renovations, you’ll have a master craftsman with years of experience to guide you through the selection and decision-making process.

    Client involvement is the best way to avoid miscommunication and unexpected surprises to ensure you get the end result you’re seeking to fit your aesthetic and needs.

    For the design and plan stage of the process, I can provide you with references for suppliers so you can see a good selection of available materials and design options. Although I don’t present myself as a designer, I often give clients regular feedback and support through the design process to help ensure that the changes we make are a good fit for you.

    If you want to work with a professional designer, I can also refer you to several skilled designers and architects that I’ve worked with on the island and am happy to be part of a larger design team. As well as selecting materials, we also would be looking at your space and getting clear on what changes are possible relative to the existing structure, the plumbing/electrical, lighting, etc.

    The more specific we get in the planning stage, the more accurate I can be with providing you a bid. I am also open to a cost plus arrangement, where we keep in close contact as the project progresses with regular updates on the overall cost to date.

  • Step 4: Build Your Project

    Once the plan is in place, it’s time to get everything ordered. The lead time to get materials on the island is usually six to eight weeks.

    As the project progresses, I will keep in regular communication with you with photos and comments so that we can make any changes if needed. Each project is custom designed to meet your needs, so timelines vary from project-to-project. Rather than inhibit the creative process with linear punch lists, I manage my projects by focusing on completely finishing the project by the agreed upon date.

    The job site is always professionally cleaned and ready to live in.

  • Step 5: Enjoy the Results

    Once the final details have been attended to, it’s a wrap, and is all yours to enjoy! This is a good time to give any feedback about the process of working with me if you have anything to share.